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In loving memory of

Kenneth Albert George Hindes

5-9-1930 - 8-9-20.....

Off Ludlam Way, under the Bramley lime

Bronze plaque on seat

This tree commemorates Hiroshima Day 1945.

Planted 6.8.1969

Below Children's main playground, by veraya garden

Plaque missing.  Photo of plaque - undated - from Peace site.  Lower tree photo also from that site

Hiroshima Stone.

This stone from the former Hiroshima City Hall


By the Peace Flame adjoining the Rose Garden

The stone on the wall, with the bronze plaque underneath, by the entrance to the Peace Pool

John Evan Holton

1930 -2010

In Loving Memory of "Pounds".....

On Salamanca Lawn overlooking the Henry Moore Sculpture and the Rose Gardens

In loving memory of

Jeane Horne, Fellow of the Royal Academy of Dance (QSM)

Top of the steps on Norwood Path at the side of the Lady Norwood Rose Garden.

Bronze plaque on seat

This cherry tree

was planted by

His Excellency Hayato Ikeda,

Main Garden, near Joy Fountain.

In loving memory of

Adrienne Instone


On lawn beside pathway between the Rose Garden and the Herb Garden

Bronze plaque on seat

In loving memory o

Col. Eric Gordon Jackways

1922 - 2008

Herb Garden lookout

Bronze plaque on seat

200 cherry trees

To commemorate the goodwill and friendship existing between

the Ja.....

200 cherry trees planted at various sites within the Botanic Garden and the City Gardens. The plaque is situated at the base of a cherry tree by the Peace Garden in the Lady Norwood Rose Ga.....

Many of the 200 original trees no longer exist due to disease (silver leaf and witches broom) and some vandalism, although a number remain throughout the Garden

Bronze plaque at base of tree by Peace Garden


Plaque has never been installed, as no suitable site could be found within the Begonia House.

Currently it is in a small flower bed in the nursery.

Not available for p.....

Overseas dignitaries hosted by Internal Affairs are regular visitors along with Prime Ministers’ wives, international horticulturists, artists with or without easels, students, actors.....

THE POEM          God's Garden



A J Jones

1928 - 1994

. But the greatest of all is love

Cable Car lookout

Bronze plaque on seat

On statue:

Bequest by M J Kilgour Esquire


Joy Fountain in Main Garden

Dedication on back of statue, bronze plaque at William Bramley entrance


The Keightley Family

Neville, Vi, Richard and Ellizabeth


On William Bramley Drive,in the Main Garden, towards the southern end

Bronze plaque on seat

This seat was donated by the

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

to thank the.....

Sound Shell lawn

Bronze plaque on seat

In memory of

Andrew Kirkland QSO

. 1935-1997.

Herb Garden lookout

Bronze plaque on seat.

In loving memory of

(Asian text Denkichi Kitajima),

1923 - 2007.

Located on William Bramley Drive

Bronze plaque on seat

Dearly loved


Camaiila Garden, first landing going ujp on the left.  Cornero f Camellia Path and Druid Hill plath

Ashes are buried under the seat

Ashes are buried under the seat


Dearly loved

On corner of Camellia and Druid Hill Path, on the left going up

Ashes are buried under seat.

The Krupp Gun

This gun was manufactured by Fried. Krupp AC, tssen, Germany, in 1907

Observatory Hill

The First World War battlefields of northeast France and Belgium - the New Zealand connection
Observatory Hill