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In loving Memory of John A (Jack) Parfitt. 21st November 1915 - 28th May 2001
Deck of Treehouse
Bronze plaque on seat

In loving memory of

Gertrude  Parish

1909 - 1993

Lady Norwood Rose Garden fourth seat away from the fountain on gravel path between quadrant three and quadrant four towards the herb garden

Bronze plaque on seat

No plaque

Lawn below the Meteorological Office on the Remembrance Lawn side.

There is no plaque but the tree was planted Thursday 29th of September 1990 to commemorate John Parkinson 1567 - 1650, an author who wrote ‘Paradisi in Sole Paradisus Terrestris

Parkinsonia aculeata is a species of flowering tree in the pea family, Fabaceae. Common names include Mexican Palo Verde, Parkinsonia, Jerusalem Thorn, and Jellybean Tree. It is native to t.....

In Memory of

Derrick Partington

Our dearly loved husband, father a.....

On West Way approximately opposite the Ginkgo biloba

Bronze plaque on seat

No plaque

Peace Garden, allongside Rose Garden

Two months after the atomic bombing, Lieutenant R.J. Battersby photographed Nagasaki. He captured a non-denominational devastation. Cathedrals and shrines were dealt identic.....

The Peace Flame was dedicated by the

Honourable Fran Wilde, Mayor of Wellington

and the

Very Reverend Saga San Abbot of the Toshogu Shrine, Ueno Tokyo Japan.....

Peace Flame pond, by Rose Garden

Wellington City and its citizens have been active in promoting peace, tolerance and understanding in the local community and in the world.


Granite slab in Peace Pond

Peace Garden.

The Peace Flame is the preserved fire from the atomic holocasts

East (harbour) side of Rose Garden

Presented to

the citizens of Wellington



Peace Garden by Lady Norwood Rose Garden

There is a interesting  history of the Japanese Garden in the Wellington Botanic Garden.


Tree let your naked arms fall

nor extend vain entreaties to the radiiant ball.


Peace Flame pond by Rose Garden

He honore, he kororia ki te atua he maungarongo ki te whenua he whakaaro pai ki nga taangata katoa.

This commemor.....

Peace Flame pond, by Rose Garden

Plaque in Peace Pond

On Manuka Way Rembrance Ridge, lower end

Peacemaker sculpture by Chris Booth on Manuka Way was erected in 1991.

“The basalt boulders that comprise Peacemaker were collected from Paikoa, near Matauri Bay, Northland.....

In loving memory

Clifford A. Perry

1896 - 1978

Lady Norwood Rose Garden second seat on the gravel path closest to Anderson Park; perpendicular to the Begonia House, between quadrant 2 and quadrant 3

Bronze plaque on seat

In loving memory

Marie Perry

1902 - 1989

Lady Norwood Rose Garden first seat on the gravel path closest to Anderson Park, perpendicular to the Begonia House, between quadrant 2 and 3

Bronze plaque on seat

The site furniture in this area

has been generously gifted

by the W N Pharazyn Char.....

Outside Treehoouse lower entry, plaque on stonework

This pathway and associated stonework

was made possible by a donation

from the W N .....

In Pine Hill Path, on top of stonework, by the stone steps to the right going uphill

In loving memory of

Betty Pickering

1918 - 2001

By Joy Fountain

Bronze plaque on seat

No memorial plaque has been installed

On Remembrance Ridge

The Lone Pine was a solitary tree on the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey, which marked the site of the Ba.....

At  the Lone Pine Cemetery on the Gallipoli peninsula a solitary pine was planted in the 1920s to symbolise the original Lone Pine. This tree was inspected in 1987 by an Australian bot.....

No plaque
At bottom of Main Playground, cut from stump of old pine tree

This tree was planted by

Telecom New Zealand and the New Zealand Police,

and is sym.....

On the conifer bank - upper section, below Fir Path.

Aluminium plaque, text not readable

Planted by Mayor Wilde and Vathany Young representing the young people of Wellington 5th of July 1995.

a dancer

in the last second of flight

By Eucolyptus pulchella (white peppermint gum) near Children's playarea.