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St John Ambulance Brigade,

Wellington District.

Service to mankind 1885 - 1985

Herb Garden Lawn, North end below the Bay hedge

Crataegus laevigata 'Masekii' (amended 17/1/00),

Hawthorn, May.

Plaque below tree

In loving memory of

Kaye Stewart

Stone Bridge Gully, by storm water grate.

Centennial Sundial 1881 - 1991

This armillary sphere sundial was commissioned

with .....

Sound Shell lawn, southern end

A bronze Armillary Sphere Sundial designed by Peter Kundycki installed in 1992 to commemorate a century of management of the Garden by the Wellington City Council. The Royal Society and the.....

Bronze plaque at base


Presented by Wellington Herb Societry


At southern end of Herb Garden, above Rose Garden

In 1970 the Herb Garden was established with 40,000 bricks from the houses demolished in Glenmore Street for the site of the Anglican Church Mission. There were limited funds, insufficient .....

Bronze plaque on plinth

This sundial commemorates the arrival of

John Plimmer

in Wellington in 1841

Rear of Carter Obervatory overlooking the Australian Garden

In loving memory of

Christien Suntinger

23-1-1933 - 20-3-2008


William Bramley Drive, close to Joy Fountain

Bronze plaque on seat

In memory of

Professor Ivan L.G.Sutherland

1897 - 1952

Lady Norwood Rose Garden third seat away from the fountain on gravel path between quadrant two and one towards the Peace Flame

Bronze plaque on seat

These seven trees were planted

to celebrate the 700th Anniversary of Switzerland.


Below Pine Hill Path between the Main Garden and the Herb Garden

Planted 7.11.1991.

The seven trees planted were: Abies alba Betula pendula Larex decidua Picea abies Pinus ? Pinus nigra Sophora microphylla.

Plaque is some distance from path, on the downhill side

Allwyn Taylor

who loved these gardens and shared tn their splendour with four generations.

Start of Kew Way, by Childrens Playground

Bronze plaque on seat

In memory of Charles and Joye Taylor
In front of the Begonia House
Bronze plaque on seat


. Cape Reinga 1580 kms; Bluff 1340 kms.

This stone mar.....

Top of Grass Way alongside map sign. 

Since removed to the coastal start of the walkway

This plaque has now been removed and is located at the coastal commencement of the pathway

Quercus canariensis X robur.


Southern end of the Glenmore Street lawn

Bronze plaque below tree

The tree was propagated by a descendant of Thomas Mason from an acorn taken from an oak tree originally planted by Thomas Mason at the family home in Taita.


A d.....

In loving memory of

Otto Tiefenbacher

1930 - 2011

Soundshell Lawn seating

In recognition of Peter Tijsen's


Located under the verranhah of the Annex, by the main door

Pinus sabiniana.

This tree was planted by

Her Excellency Dame Catherine Ti.....


Bronze plaque under tree

No plaque

Surrounding the Puriri Tree along the path that goes to the right, halfway up Camellia Gully

These trees were planted in the winter of 1971.

The camellias were part of an exchange of living plant material

No plaque.

Trees include

Camellia japonica/sasanqua? var ‘Beniotome’,

Camellia japonica/sasanqua? va ‘Akinoyam.....

Agnes Torcque


Remembered with love

Lady Norwood Rose Garden second seat away from the fountain on gravel path between quadrant two and one towards the Peace Flame

Bronze plaque on seat

Donated for

Rose Toye.

When you rest and admire his wonders


Dell lawn

Bronze plaque on seat

Donated for

Rose and Eddy Toye.

When you rest and admire his .....

In front of the Peace Garden overlooking the Rose Garden

Bronze plaque on seat

In loving memory of

Barbara Anne Travers (Peake)

3 January 1960 - .....

On lawn above William Wakefield Way, at top.

Bronze plaque on seat