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On left side.

In recognition of the early settlers who reserved this land for a botanic garden in 1844. Also recognising Sir James Hector and the New Zealand Ins.....

Main Gate on Glenmore Street

The original gates had been put in place 1878,

By 1905 they were rather worse for wear and were covered with corrugated iron, then painted to correspond with the fence. When, aft.....

This fountain was presented

by Lady Norwood

11 November 1956.

Rose Garden

1956 Lady Norwood presented the first fountain situated where the present one is today.

1971 Present fountain donated by Norwood children. Originally in front of a bank in London.....

Sam Franklin 1902 - 1973

Isabel Franklin 1902 - 1993

South end Ludlam Way

Bronze plaque on seat

No plaque

On the upper bank of Horseshoe Bend

Magnolias 'Caerhays Belle' and 'Caerhays Way', planted spring 1986, were donated by Alison Galloway in memory of her husband Ian David Galloway, Director of Parks from Augus.....

Magnolia 'Caerhays Way' yellow flower 'Magnolia 'Caerhays Belle' red flower.

Photograph shows a general view of the locality; both trees exist, but high on ba.....

In loving memory of

Elaine Morrison Geering

10-8-1927 - 19-8-2001<.....

William Wakefield Drive, by Soundshell lawn

Bronze plaque on seat

In Memory of

Rose May Rutherford Gibb

Always remembered.

Duck Pond

Bronze plaque on seat

In memory of

Marie Elizabeth Giles

(1932 - 2006)

Children's Playground

Bronze plaque on seat

In loving memory of

Marie Elizabeth Giles nee Richardson

1930 - 20.....

Upland Road entrance, at the top of the Cable Car, between the Roundabout and Skyline carpark

The Guide Grove

. Planted by the Wellington Guides

May 28th 1932

On the northern side of the Scout Hall on East Way

Fourteen Metrosideros excelsa


Charles Grant

. Assistant Director Parks and Reserves .....

In front of the Begonia House

Bronze plaque on seat

Green Islands

, Sculptor - Regan Gentry

. Green Islands was placed in Wellington Bo.....

On Pine Hill Path between the Herb Garden and Rose Garden

These sculptures were originally installed in 2008 on four plinths located between the National Museum Te Papa and the Circa Theatre on the Wellington waterfront. They consist of native tre.....

Bronze plaque on brick wall half way up Pine Hill Path zig-zag between Herb Garden and Rose Garden

In Loving Memory of

Errol J.E. Hanna

1940 - 2001

Off Norwood Path on the bush edge on Salamanca Lawn

Bronze plaque on seat

Pinus muricata.

Planted by The Right Hon

Sir Michael Hardie Boys GNZM GCMG .....


Andrew Harland


With love

Horseshoe Bend

Bronze plaque on seat

James Hector Memorial Lookout.

First manager of the Wellington Botanic Garden 1868 - 1891.


No plaque

The Garden owes its existance to

Lorna Rowland

On ridge above Rose Garden, leading to Pine Hill Path

Early meetings of the Wellington Herb Society were held in rooms in upper Willis Street and attendance was so high people were standing on the stairs waiting in vain to get in The Society t.....

The Herb Garden:

While humans need to eat cereals, fruit and vegetables for nutrition, there are some plants - herbs-and spices - which improve our lives in other ways. .

Entry to Herb Garden via Pine Hill Path


Many New Zealand plants contain alkaloids which have medicinal uses as tonics, purgatives and emetics (e.g. poroporo, rangiora and wineberry). Others containing tann.....

Herb Garden


Today we like to scent soaps with aromatic! herbs, but soap itself (made from fats and alkalis) only became popular in the late century. Before that, plants rich i.....

Herb Garden


Essential oils (unrelated to mineral and vegetable oils) give many flowers, fruits and leaves their aroma. When the oils are concentrated in the leaves we call the.....

Herb Garden