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In Memory of - These 56 persons who died between October 1890 and September 1891 were originally buried in Reserve V of the Public Cemetery (towards Tinakori Road) and re-interred on this s.....

Located on left side of the exit road leading to Kinross Street, on bank overlooking Anderson Park, close to the Seddon Memorial and the entrance to the Bolton Street Memorial Park.


Name;         .....

The listed people were buried in Reserve V, which was where Anderson Park is now. It was designated as Cemetery Reserve but not opened up for burials until 1890-91 under protest from those .....

It can be seen on the Treehouse balcony

"The Bee Lady" was displayed in Civic Square as part of a Wellington Festival of the Arts,and was donated to the city by an anonymous benefactor.

The sculptor, Alison C.....

Live on Air

celebrates the 50th anniversary of the

opening of the Lady Norwood Begonia House in 1961.

This installation was made possible

Tillandsia display warm end of the Begonia House

Photographs of the function; guests at function, Mr Wayne Norwood addressing guests and at the ribbon cutting ceremony, and guest speaker Professor Swee Tan

This Tea House was presented

to the citizens of Wellington by

Sir Walter & Lady.....

Outside Begonia House door close to Cafe entrance

Body to Soul. 1997. Mary-Louise Browne. A joint venture between the Wellington Sculpture Trust and the Wellington City Council. Creative NZ. Arts Council of New Zealand. Toi Aotearoa.
Top of Norwood Path
This black granite staircase is designed to follow the natural incline of the site and provide a means for the viewer to climb to a grove of beautiful evergreens on the boundary of the Botanic .....
Bronze plaque

Inner Form by

Henry Moore 1898 - 1986.

Presented to the City of Wellington

On Salamanca Lawn

Bronze Form sculpture by Henry Moore on the Salamanca Lawn.

Presented by Fletcher Challenge in 1988, and moved from Midland Park to its present site in 1995.


Bolton Street Memorial Park, by lawn by the Memorial Chapel.

Informative plaque regarding removal of bodies during the construction of the motorway

Public Cemetery; Church of England Cemetery
Bolton Street Memorial Park. On Robertson Way, just past everygreen magnolia. Plaque and brick markers along boundary (bricks partly hidden by grass - position indicated). Third, Jewish Ceme.....

In loving memory of



On bank opposite motorway pedestrian bridge.

Bronze plaque at base of tombstone

Entrance Gate by Seddon Memorial

Bolton Hotel and the Harris Rose

. The roses in this garden

are from cuttings of th.....

At the entrance to the Bolton Street Memorial Park by the Anglican Mortuary Chapel, Bolton Street

The ship Bolton took 154 days to reach Wellington from the UK

Bronze plaque on garden edge

To the memory

of the early settlers

whose remans are reinterred

Behind the Anglican Mortuary Chapel, Bolton Entrance

Image of Anglican Mortuary Chapel, Bolton Entrance. Final photo of plaque on pedestrian bridge over motorway, top siide.

Land was allocated for cemeteries in 1840. Church of England, Public (non-conformist) and Jewish here, Catholics in Mount Street.

First recorded burial 1841 for Church of England.....

Site of the sexton's cottage of the public portion of the cemetery.

The lawn was the site of the cottage and the garde.....

On Robertson Way Bolton Street Memorial Park

A Gift To the City

Morva Williams (1907 -2002) ,

who lived at 2 Ea.....

Bolton St Memorial Park Esdale St gifted land. From Easdale Street entrance,go down steps, narrow path on left, to left of large memorial, leads to gifted area.

Wellington Botanic Garden

Cable Car entrance redevelopment

opened by

On low wall on southern side of paved lookout area.

This extension of the

Cacti and Succulent Garden

was generously funded

William Wakefield Way, at bottom of new path through extension to garden

These tiles were made

by friends and colleagues

of Betty Campbell, City Councillor<.....

Lower foyer of Treehouse Visitors Centre

A total of 54 different tiles created by different people have been mounted on the rear wall. Only the title tile has a name. Cowan lamp feature in foreground - see separate entry

The work of Betty Campbell is commemoratedby the Wellington City Council in the Betty Campbell Accommodation Assistance Grants. Betty Campbell Accommodation Assistance Grants are for not-fo.....

The Duckpond Pavilion

Funding for the Pavilion

was provided by the Friends of the W.....

Duck Pond in Main Garden

Bronze plaque on step at entrance to the pavilion

Wellington Botanic Garden

Duck Pond redevelopment

opened by Mark Blumsky Mayor of W.....

On the wall of the entrance to the Duck Pond redeveloped area

Bronze plaque on wall

On left side.

In recognition of the early settlers who reserved this land for a botanic garden in 1844. Also recognising Sir James Hector and the New Zealand Ins.....

Main Gate on Glenmore Street

The original gates had been put in place 1878,

By 1905 they were rather worse for wear and were covered with corrugated iron, then painted to correspond with the fence. When, aft.....