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Lady Norwood Rose Garden; bed 23
'Sparkler' planted 1996. Donated by Rose Introducers of New Zealand
Sparkler (Poulcon) 1996 Award Winner R.I.NZ.
Lady Norwood Rose Garden; bed 100
Planted 1978
Donated by the Rose Intrducers of New Zealand
Donated by the Zonta Club

Donated roses no longer found in Garden. No plaques

Rose Garden. Plants removed for health, disease or routine replacement programme

'Coral Island - In memory of Stanton Harcourt, planted by Mrs Coleridge

; 'Cupcake' Donated by Dawn and Denis Atkinson-Jones (removed because plants .....

Illustration of Rose Cupcake NOT from Garden specimen

These seven trees were planted

to celebrate the 700th Anniversary of Switzerland.


Below Pine Hill Path between the Main Garden and the Herb Garden

Planted 7.11.1991.

The seven trees planted were: Abies alba Betula pendula Larex decidua Picea abies Pinus ? Pinus nigra Sophora microphylla.

Plaque is some distance from path, on the downhill side

Quercus canariensis X robur.


Southern end of the Glenmore Street lawn

Bronze plaque below tree

The tree was propagated by a descendant of Thomas Mason from an acorn taken from an oak tree originally planted by Thomas Mason at the family home in Taita.


A d.....

No plaque

Surrounding the Puriri Tree along the path that goes to the right, halfway up Camellia Gully

These trees were planted in the winter of 1971.

The camellias were part of an exchange of living plant material

No plaque.

Trees include

Camellia japonica/sasanqua? var ‘Beniotome’,

Camellia japonica/sasanqua? va ‘Akinoyam.....

No memorial in garden

No plants from this collection remain in Garden today, and no record of this donation appears to exist.