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!st Kelburn Scout Group

1909 - 1984

On Kowhai Walk above Scout Hall

In Loving Memory of

Alison Andrew

and her life's work in these.....

Peace Flame shelter, left seat facing Rose Garden

Donated by

George and Alexandra Angelou

Kelburn residents since 19.....

Cable Car lookout

Bronze plaque on seat

Annie, wife of William Bramley, first curator (1870-1889) is said to have often sat in this place while her husband worked in the nearby nursery. Friends of the Wellington Botanic Garden 20.....

Off Kew Way, on the knob.

William Bramley Way was named in his honour (Main Garden)

William Bramley (1819 – 1908) was born in Loughborough in Nottinghamshire. A trained professional gardener on the estate of Lord Fitzmaurice in Yorkshire.

He married in 186.....

William Arthur.

19 October 1965 - 20 August 1999.

A lover of trees.....

Grass Way, above ash collection

Bronze plaque on seat

Lesley Anne Atkins

' free as a beautiful butterfly returning home to God...

In wetland garden, beyond the Duck Pond

Bronze plaque on seat

In loving memory of James Denis Williams Baird

Ludlam Way by scroll bed, under Linden Tree

John Turner Bamber

1936 - 2003<.....

Lower succulent garden


1999 - 2011

The cat who adopted the garden

Top of Threatened Species Garden, by Treehouse

Long-serving Botanic Garden “staff” member Basil was put to sleep on 20 September. Although only 12 years old, he had cancer.

Red-haired and handsome, Basil was argua.....

gps entered

You who walk, maybe with troubled thoughts,

come, enter here and rest;

and may the .....

Ludlam Way south end

Bronze plaque on seat

In Loving Memory of

J. H. C. Bidwill

1915 - 1988

Duck Pond

Bronze plaque on seat

Rae Marion Bloomfield

1926 - 2005)

Gordon Bruce Bloomfield.....

On William Bramley Drive Main Garden

Bronze plaque on seat

Win Fried H. Bredgens

Peace & Freedom: Aotearoa

Duck Pond

Bronze plaque on seat

To commemorate the life of

William Barratt

who arrived in Wellingt.....

Bolton Street Memorial Park, around Chapel paving area

Donated by

Wellington Historical and Early Settlers’ Association

19 May 1994<.....

Bolton Street Memorial Park, around the Chapel paving area

Helmut Einhorn

1911 – 1988

Architect and town planner with t.....

Bolton Street Memorial Park, around Chapel paving area.

In Memory Of

Harold Bruce Henry

Artist and bon vivant

Bolton Street Memorial Park on viewing deck in Cemetery.

Donated by the Wellington City Council

and the Friends of Bolton St Cemetery

as a s.....

Bolton Street Memorial Park, around Chapel on lawn

Given by Elizabeth Viggers


Friends of Bolton Street MemoriaL Park

Bolton Street MemoriaL Park, Esdale St. gifted land

Eleanor Burger

 2.3.48 - 18.8.05

Placed by her friends


On William Bramley Way, in the Main Garden, towards the southern end

Bronze plaque on seat