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Botanic Garden Battery 1894 - 1904

This area was developed as a military post or battery in the 1890s

Observatory Hill

In Loving Memory of

Ursula Kuester 1904 - 1995

and her son

On the path between the Peace Garden and Serpentine Path, overlooking the Rose Garden.

Bronze plaque on seat

Pat Laking 1915 - 2004

'Here will we sit and let the sounds of muisic

On grass area above waterfall overlooking the Lady Norwood Rose Garden

Bronze plaque on seat.

In Memory of

Hugh Russell Lambie

7-7-1936 - 25-1-2009.

Salamanca Lawn

Bronze plaque on seat

In loving memory

Laura & David Lapsley

Herb Garden near the Lion Fountain

Marlene Lark

1936 - 1966 aged 29 years

Robert Lark

Ludlam Way, mid point

Bronze plaque on seat

In loving memory of

Joyce Margaret Lavender QSO

11 January 1929 - .....

On William Bramley Drive, in the Main Garden, approximately mid point

Bronze plaque on seat

Lawson Scout Hall.

This historic building has been the home of the 1st Kelburn Scout Group since 31st Ma.....

On East Way a short distance from the Cable Car entrance.

In loving memory of

Alfred Fenney Leckie

25 February 1933 - 14 Mar.....

Duck Pond

Bronze plaque on seat

Rest here with the spirit of

Val Lewis

1942 - 1995

On William Bramley Drive, Main Garden, towards the southern end

Bronze plaque on seat

On Druid Hill

Listening and Viewing Device sculpture by Andrew Drummond

on Druid Hill was presented to the City in 1993.....

Looking and Listening for the Sea

1992 Paul Dibble.

This sculptur.....

Lady Norwood Begonia House

No plaque

On the bank above the Threatened Species Garden, above the ash. Distinctive red bark.

Apparently planted by a Jewish Group as this tree is of significance in religious ceremonies

. (In Jewish mysticism, the myrtle represents the phallic, masculine force at work in.....

Luma apiculata, (Chilean Myrtle) is a species of tree in the genus Luma in the family Myrtaceae, native to the central Andes mountains between Chile and Argentina. Synonyms include.....

This tree was planted on 28th August 1935 and first flowered in August 1950

Along William Bramley Drive near Stonebridge Gully

Donated by Mrs Haines

No plaque
Halfway up Camellia Gully
Donated from a private garden. Planted by Peter Cadegan (Foreman) in 1960. First flowered mid sixties. There are specimens of M. campbellii and the alba form in the Garden. The original al.....
No plaque
In Memory of I. Keir Martin
Bank on the side of the Lady Norwood Rose Garden beside the steps leading to the Herb Garden
Bronze plaque on seat

In loving memory Elizabeth Rosalind Martin nee Brown

In Herb Garden

In loving memory

Elizabeth Ros.....

Herb Garden, first seat on path beside Braille Marker, facing west.


No image currently available

Pinus muricata

In Pinetum

A relatively recent tradition is that newly appointed Governors-General are invited by the Friends to plant a tree in the Pinetum.

The curren tGovernor-General, His Excellency Lt.....