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We love your love of the horizontal,


By Quercus robur (common oak) near Glenmore Street entrance

Ngapera Patricia Anne Poihipi-McCarthy

1955 - 1995

Moe Mai I to mo.....

Bank on the side of the Lady Norwood Rose Garden beside the steps leading to the Herb Garden

Bronze plaque on seat

In memory of my beloved husband,

my soulmate.

Mikal A Ponder


William Bramley Drive, Main Garden, approximately half way

Bronze plaque on seat

Kodendera Zeus Tylee Ponnapa

1999 - 2000

Salamanca Lawn

Bronze plaque on seat

No memorial olaque

Mrs. J. Poole, in 1971, donated a unique collection of nerines - 41 varieties, which were virtually unprocurable in N.Z. at the time at the time of the opening of the Lady Norwood Begonia House.

No plaque,  new plaque to be installed on Governors Way in Pineatum


On unnamed path leading to Carter Observatoyr running off Grass Way, a short distance below the Cabcle Car Lookout

Chamaecyparis obtusa var. 'Crippsii ' x 2 were planted  in the late 1960s, early 1970s.  The .....

no plaque

The trees are showing some appreciable damage from the ravages of the native Kaka.

A kauri for Cook

1769 - 1869 -1969

Planted by the Powles family

Peacemaker sculpture lawn

Captain James Cook circumnavigated New Zealand in 1769. This tree was planted on the year of the bi-centenary. Agathus Australis, common name Kauri. The three kauri planted as a group were .....

Bronze plaque

 Replacement plaque by Friends WBG  2012


Pseudopanax gilliesii.

Naturally .....

Approximately mid point of the  Threatened Species Garden , best viewed from the Treehouse balcony opposite the main entrance door.  Plaque by tree

Joy and Tom Read. Pauatahanui. Donated by the Read Family
In front of Peace Garden, overlooking Rose Garden
Bronze plaque on seat

No plaque

Left of the entrance to The Summer House. Moved, but died Illustration NOT from plant in Garden

Rosa banksiae - 'Lutea' planted by Rodney Read, the Bolton Street Cemetery custodian, to commemorate his mother's death in 1994.+

This plant was moved becaus.....

No plaque - illustration NOT from plant in Garden. Rosa banksiae, commonly referred to as the Lady Banks' Rose, is a species of Rosa native to central and western China, in the province.....

They marched into history
Remembrance Ridge

Rest and be Thankful

In memory of

Keith Richards

Lady Norwood Rose Garden fourth seat away from the fountain on gravel path between quadrant two and one towards the Peace Flame

Bronze plaque on seat

In memory of

Malcolm Richardson

who loved these gardens

Lady Norwood Rose Garden third seat on the gravel path closest to Anderson Park, perpendicular to the Begonia House, between quadrant 2 and quadrant 3

Bronze plaque on seat

In loving memory of

G. Russel.....

Soundshell Lawn, eastern side, 9th seat along from stone steps

"Come sit thyself down

& ponder God's creation"

. In loving memor.....

Main Garden close to Joy Fountain, overlooking Tulip Bed on the Western side of the Main Gardens Toilet block.


Thomas Romain, QSM

1900 - 1996

On William Bramley Drive in the Main Garden approximately half way along

Bronze plaque on seat

Amberlight (Cocbamber) 1989 Award Winner Cocker - Scotland R.I.NZ.
Rose Garden bed 49
Planted 1988.
Donated by Rose Introducers of New Zealand.
(Macbucpal) 1990 Award Winner McGredy - New Zealand. R.I.N Z.
Rose Garden bed 99
Planted 1989.
Donated by the Rose Introducers of New Zealand.
Ingrid Bergman (Poulman) 1989 Award Winner Olesen - Denmark R.I.NZ.
Rose Garden bed 67
Planted 1988
Donated by Rose Introducers of New Zealand
Rose garden bed 34
Planted in 1981
Donated by Frank Mason.