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In Memory Of

Harold Bruce Henry

Artist and bon vivant

Bolton Street Memorial Park on viewing deck in Cemetery.

Donated by the Wellington City Council

and the Friends of Bolton St Cemetery

as a s.....

Bolton Street Memorial Park, around Chapel on lawn

To the memory

of the early settlers

whose remans are reinterred

Behind the Anglican Mortuary Chapel, Bolton Entrance

Image of Anglican Mortuary Chapel, Bolton Entrance. Final photo of plaque on pedestrian bridge over motorway, top siide.

Land was allocated for cemeteries in 1840. Church of England, Public (non-conformist) and Jewish here, Catholics in Mount Street.

First recorded burial 1841 for Church of England.....

Site of the sexton's cottage of the public portion of the cemetery.

The lawn was the site of the cottage and the garde.....

On Robertson Way Bolton Street Memorial Park

A Gift To the City

Morva Williams (1907 -2002) ,

who lived at 2 Ea.....

Bolton St Memorial Park Esdale St gifted land. From Easdale Street entrance,go down steps, narrow path on left, to left of large memorial, leads to gifted area.

Given by Elizabeth Viggers


Friends of Bolton Street MemoriaL Park

Bolton Street MemoriaL Park, Esdale St. gifted land

Eleanor Burger

 2.3.48 - 18.8.05

Placed by her friends


On William Bramley Way, in the Main Garden, towards the southern end

Bronze plaque on seat

Wellington Botanic Garden

Cable Car entrance redevelopment

opened by

On low wall on southern side of paved lookout area.

This extension of the

Cacti and Succulent Garden

was generously funded

William Wakefield Way, at bottom of new path through extension to garden

In Loving Memory Of

Bartholomew O'Rourke Cahill

. 1905 -1989.<.....

Lady Norwood Rose Garden third seat away from the fountain on gravel path between quadrant three and quadrant four towards the herb garden

Bronze plaque on seat

Ian Joseph Cairns

1930 - 2000

So one thing will never cease


William Wakefield Drive, by Soundshell lawn

Bronze plaque on seat

This Californian Sycamore

symbolises the ties of goodwill

between the people of Wel.....

On the Glenmore Street bank near the Boundary Road pathway

The tree is no longer there and has not been repaced because of space restrictions. The plaque is supposidly there, but cannot be found. Illustration is NOT from specimen in Garden

California Sycamore - Goodwill tree between architects of Wellington and California

These tiles were made

by friends and colleagues

of Betty Campbell, City Councillor<.....

Lower foyer of Treehouse Visitors Centre

A total of 54 different tiles created by different people have been mounted on the rear wall. Only the title tile has a name. Cowan lamp feature in foreground - see separate entry

The work of Betty Campbell is commemoratedby the Wellington City Council in the Betty Campbell Accommodation Assistance Grants. Betty Campbell Accommodation Assistance Grants are for not-fo.....

Ronald Fraser Campbell

1956 - 1985

Rest peacefully

Duck Pond

Bronze plaque on seat

Acer saccharum. Canadian Sugar or Rock Maple.

Planted by The Mayoress of Wellington, Mrs F.J.Kitts, to co.....

These sugar maples were moved from their original site, I think the mid-70's as they were getting too.....

An interesting e-mail received in 2012


While searching the internet I just discovered the pictures of trees donated by the Royal Can.....

In memory of

Charles Arthur Carpenter

Born 8 August 1906 - Austral.....

Australian Garden, north end.

Bronze plaque on seat

Pinus muricata.

Planted by Her Excellency the Governor General of New Zealand the


Governor General Dame Silvia Cartwright offciated at a ceremonial tree-planting in the James Hector Pinetum. She was ably assisted in the planting of a Bishop's Pine by local school chi.....

Dedicated with love

from the families of

Emma and Steve Chamberlain-Pengell.....

Sound Shell Lawn; Main Garden

To commemorate the love of

William (Will) and Catherine (Joyce) Chesterman.

Inside Founders' Gate, northern end of William Bramley Drive

Bronze plaque on seat

No plaque

Cork Oak Path off Remembrance Ridge (track 29)

Quercus suber - cork oaks were planted about 1878 by the Colonial Secretary - Dr Andrew Sinclair.

Seed was taken from a tree planted in Auckland in 1855 and 5 trees were.....