Wellington Botanical Gardens Memorial Register
Peace Flame dedication

The Peace Flame was dedicated by the

Honourable Fran Wilde, Mayor of Wellington

and the

Very Reverend Saga San Abbot of the Toshogu Shrine, Ueno Tokyo Japan

25 June 1994



Presented to the citizens of Wellington

by the Japan Society of New Zealand, 1975



This lantern with its original plaque was initially placed in the Main Garden in 1975.

In 1994 the Japan Society of Wellington, New Zealand supported its relocation and adaptation to house the Peace Flame


Peace Flame pond, by Rose Garden


Wellington City and its citizens have been active in promoting peace, tolerance and understanding in the local community and in the world.

Wellington became a Nuclear-Weapon Free Zone in on April 14th, 1982 by decision of the Wellington City Council.

A sign announcing Wellington as a nuclear-weapon free ingzone was erected near the airport. In 2004 this was upgraded to a sign welcoming visitors to Wellington – the capital of Nuclear Free New Zealand

In 1993 Wellington was by Mayor Fran Wilde. Incoming Mayor Mark Blumsky in 1995re-dedicated Wellington as a Peace Capital and a plaque commemorating this was installed in Cuba Mall.

Mayor Kerry Prendergast is a member of Mayors for Peace. Wellington hosted the first New Zealand Mayors for Peace meeting in 2006.  (Please also see ""A Message from Mayor Kerry Prendergast to the Secretary General of the Japan Council Against A & H Bombs).

Wellington was designated a World Health Organisation Safe City in 2006 in recognition of the city’s efforts to prevent violence and increase people’s feelings of personal safety.

Wellington maintains Sister City links with cities in China and Japan in order to develop positive cultural, sporting, economic and political relationships. In 2006 Wellington hosted the Sister Cities 25th Anniversary Conference, at which time a Sister City relationship with Beijing was formalised.

Wellington City has also planted a number of trees, and installed a range of sculptures and monuments, commemorating peace and peacemakers.  The Wellington Peace Walk is a trail visiting these sites through the botanical gardens and inner city can be viewed through a leisurely walk.  Other monuments can be visited by bike, car or public transport.


Granite slab in Peace Pond

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