Wellington Botanical Gardens Memorial Register
Norwood, Sir Walter and Lady Rana - Memorial sculpture

photographed by P C Tomlinson on 01/05/10

photographed by P C Tomlinson on 03/05/10

photographed by P C Tomlinson on 26/05/2010

Sir Walter and Lady Norwood

. Walter Neville, born 14 July 1907 died 1 April 2000;

Rana Muriel born 20 September 1908 died 31 May 1999.

Their love of Wellington inspired their generosity.

Donated in loving memory by their family.


By the Peace Flame in the Lady Norwood Rose Garden.


Rasa Leela (Dance of Life) Norwood Memorial Sculpture. Three generations of the Norwood family have been generous benefactors to the botanic garden. This sculpture is a memorial to the second generation, Sir Walter and Lady Rana (whose ashes are buried here), erected by their children in 2001. De Boer’s large bronze casting is an enlargement of a small sculpture with a dancer theme by Bob Bennett, which Lady Rana Norwood had acquired. For the Norwood family, its stylish elegance perfectly memorialises their parents. Californian twins Bob and Tom Bennett developed their sleek, fluid style of bronze sculpture in the 1970's, after a few years of tinkering with metalwork in the back of their service station. By the 1980's their work was being sold in Bennett Art Galleries throughout the United States of America, including Honolulu, where Lady Norwood acquired her piece. De Boer, an Auckland-based sculptor, is also known for his wooden and cast-concrete pieces. Artist: Bob Bennett (1939-2003) C


Bronze plaque at base of sculpture

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