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Peace Flame plaque - background

photographed by P C Tomlinson on 02/05/10

photographed by P C Tomlinson on 02/05/10

photographed by P C Tomlinson on 02/05/10

He honore, he kororia ki te atua he maungarongo ki te whenua he whakaaro pai ki nga taangata katoa.

This commemoration invites visitors to this Peace Garden to pause to reflect

upon the endeavors of the citizens of Wellington who have worked tirelessly

for the cause of world peace.

· Members of Wellington's peace community have played an important role

in making sure world peace, the 9 United Nations Charter and the total abolition

of nuclear weapons remains in the forefront of public consciousness and in the minds

of politicians and policy makers. · From the beginning of the twentieth century,

many committed citizens of this city have made significant personal sacrifices

, including imprisonment, for peace on this planet.

· New Zealand was declared nuclear free in 1984. Wellington peace organisations

played an important role in the passing of the anti-nuclear legislation in 1987.

The same organisations worked with Japan's anti-nuclear movement

to secure the Hiroshima and Nagasaki Peace Flame and the Hiroshima Stone

for this Peace Garden in 1994. · Wellington's peace community played a significant role in the initiative

that led to the Wellington City Council's resolution declaring Wellington a nuclear-free city in 1982.

Wellington's well-known nuclear free sign was erected near Wellington International Airport

in 1988. In 2004, that sign was succeeded by one welcoming visitors to Wellington

- the capital of nuclear-free New Zealand. ·

Like Wellington's wild south coast, the path to peace is rocky, trod only by those with passion

and an everlasting will to establish a culture of peace and justice and a future for civilisation

free from fear in accordance with the United Nations Charter.

· This commemoration in this Peace Garden pays tribute /to all those Wellingtonians

who trod and continue to tread that path. They have been one of the many ingredients of a rich,

invigorating and compassionate community.

The City thanks them for that.


Peace Flame pond, by Rose Garden


Plaque in Peace Pond

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