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Peace Flame Garden
Peace Flame Garden plaque
photographed by P C Tomlinson on 03/05/10

Peace Garden.

The Peace Flame is the preserved fire from the atomic holocasts

of Hiroshima 6th August 1945 and Ngasaki 9th August 1945.

The flame calls attention to the indiscriminate and uncontainable nature

of nuclear weapons which kill beyond borders and generations

It implores us to honour the princilpes espouced by the United Nations charter

of settling all disputes by peaceful means.

Flames from the flames of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

where united at the Toshogu Shrine, Ueno, Tokyo

and presented to New Zealand in recognition of this country's steps

to halt the spread of nucleur weapons through the Anit-Nucllear Act.

The flame was presented to Mayor James Belich on 5 October 1990

by a delegation of the Keepers of the Flame,

led by Yuko Yamaguchi and President of the Peace Council of Aoteroa-New Zealand

and, honorary member of the Shrine Committee, Gerald OBrien.

Following redevelopment of this site, the flame was lit

in the Japanese lantern on the 25th June 1994

by Mayor Fran Wilde, Mitsuhiro Kaneko,

and the Reverend Mamoro Niwa representing

the Chjief Priest of Toshogu the Reverend Hrouari Saga

.representing the Chief Priest of the Toshogu Shrine.

The Chief Priest prayed that the Flame of Peace should burn

until the day all nuclear weapons are eliminated from the face of earth.


East (harbour) side of Rose Garden

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