Wellington Botanical Gardens Memorial Register
Magnolia campbelli 'alba'

photographed by P C Tomlinson on 10/05/10
No plaque
location: Halfway up Camellia Gully
notes: Donated from a private garden. Planted by Peter Cadegan (Foreman) in 1960. First flowered mid sixties. There are specimens of M. campbellii and the alba form in the Garden. The original alba in the Camellia garden was obtained from the Duncan and Davies nursery in New Plymouth by the then curator Mac. McMenzie. When it flowered he was disappointed to see that it was white and not the normal coloured variety he expected. On complaining to the nursery he was told that he had been lucky to get the ‘rare’ alba form, and it certainly is spectacular in flower. It appears that the current specimen may have replaced the earlier plant of Mac McKenzie
comments: No plaque
category: plants - donations