Wellington Botanical Gardens Memorial Register
Annie's Seat

photographed by P C Tomlinson on 18/05/10

photographed by P C Tomlinson on 18/05/10

photographed by P C Tomlinson on 18/05/10

Annie, wife of William Bramley, first curator (1870-1889) is said to have often sat in this place while her husband worked in the nearby nursery. Friends of the Wellington Botanic Garden 2005.


Off Kew Way, on the knob.

William Bramley Way was named in his honour (Main Garden)


William Bramley (1819 – 1908) was born in Loughborough in Nottinghamshire. A trained professional gardener on the estate of Lord Fitzmaurice in Yorkshire.

He married in 1863 and emigrated to NZ. For several years he farmed unsuccessfully in Dunedin.

In September 1870 the Board authorised the Secretary to engage a gardener at £80 per annum. He could reside in the cottage and had a right to cut grass for one cow that was not be go at large (a right that still exists). Eight days later Bramley was appointed Gardener/Keeper, a position held until 5 August 1889 when he retired for old age.

When he arrived he immediately set about clearing the land, fencing, establishing tracks, and planting. During his appointment, his wife used to visit him bringing him his lunch, and occupied ‘Annies Seat’ close to the nursery, the seat still being recognised by that name.

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