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Anderson Park re-interments

photographed by p c tomlinson on 18/07/2012

photographed by p c tomlinson on 18/07/2012

photographed by p c tomlinson on 18/07/2012

In Memory of - These 56 persons who died between October 1890 and September 1891 were originally buried in Reserve V of the Public Cemetery (towards Tinakori Road) and re-interred on this site in 1906 to make way for the formation of Anderson Park. Peace of the quiet earth to you Plaque erected June 2001. See below for list of names


Located on left side of the exit road leading to Kinross Street, on bank overlooking Anderson Park, close to the Seddon Memorial and the entrance to the Bolton Street Memorial Park.

No individual markers have been found for any of these interments



Name;                  Age;                 Date of Death;

BEAUMONT, Walter Leonard 8 m 15/01/1891;

BIDMEAD, Garfield 11 m 16/09/1891;

BOURNE, Louisa 40 13/02/1891;

BRADLEY, Alfred George 1 w 9/04/1891;

BRAID, Lucy Mary 7 28/05/1891;

BRONSTAADT, Niels Holston 70 18/08/1891;

BROWN, William Thomas 2 m 1/01/1891;

BUCHANAN, Lilian Gertrude 2 m 5/12/1890;

CALLAM, William Richard 37 24/05/1891;

COLTMAN, Louise Marion 5 m 9/09/1891;

CROXFORD, Christina 54 14/07/1891;

DALTON, Janet Betsy 5 w 18/08/1891;

FOOTE, Earnest Barton 1y 8m 4/09/1891;

FORSYTH, James Montague 37 4/05/1891;

FOSTER, Emma 44 14/12/1890;

FOSTER, Hannah 80 15/10/1890;

GIFFIN, Duncan 62 17/03/1891;

GOODLET, John adult 14/06/1891;

GRANT, Alexander adult 12/07/1891;

HAGGETT, Lancelot William Everard 5 m 17/08/1891;

HONOUR, Arthur Edwin 3y 9m 8/07/1891;

INGPEN, Marguerite 8 m 27/10/1890;

JAMES, Maggie 21 7/03/1891;

KINGSBEER, Winifred Alma 1y 6m 11/07/1891;

LITTLE, Mary Ann 62 1/01/1891;

LOMAS, William Hartland 3 m 20/08/1891;

MACANDREW, William 72 31/05/1891;

MACDONALD, William 3 m 4/12/1890;

MARTER, Queenie Victoria 2 17/08/1891;

MATHESON, Robert 55 26/08/1891

McCRORIE, Catherine 96 10/07/1891;

McLACHLAN, Andrew 17 5/11/1890 ;

MEYERS, Susan 72 5/02/1891;

MILLER, Jane 35 17/07/1891;

MILLER, John adult 7/10/1890;

MILNE, Helen 34 15/05/1891;

NEILSON, Charles 48 15/10/1890;

NELSON, Alfred William 14 m 8/12/1890;

NIKORA 41 14/07/1891;

PATCHING, Peter Henry 35 8/07/1891;

PETFORD, William 85 22/06/1891;

PIERSON, August 22 5/07/1891;

RICKARD, Celina Emma 28 5/06/1891;

SPEARMAN, Olive Annie 3y 8m 16/08/1891;

TAHURAITI 42 4/07/1891;

TAYLOR, William Alexander Maitland 5 m 23/06/1891;

THOMASEN, Peter 56 29/12/1890;

THORNTON, Anna 47 22/01/1891;

TIMMINGS, Georgina Allen 13 m 28/01/1891;

TOLLEY, Silvia 6 15/08/1891;

TUCKER, Thomas 37 2/12/1890;

WALL, Hannah 66 9/05/1891;

WILLIAMS, R.E. (a.k.a. James DEVLIN) 32 15/03/1891;

WILSON, Joseph 78 20/12/1890;


The following were moved to Karori;-

BOWEN, John Edward 30 19/03/1891;

GAUDIN, George William 50 15/06/1891;


The listed people were buried in Reserve V, which was where Anderson Park is now. It was designated as Cemetery Reserve but not opened up for burials until 1890-91 under protest from those who wanted a sports ground for Thorndon, rather than a graveyard. The protesters won in the end including Councillor Anderson, who got his way and had the park named after him. Karori Cemetery opened in 1891 and they forced burials to be undertaken there and allowed no new plots at Bolton Street, even though there was plenty of room in Res V.

In 1906 they exhumed the bodies and reburied them at the end of Kinross Street (which had not yet  been constructed),the area just being a rough bit of scrub at the top end of the main cemetery.

It appears many of the 56 were derelicts or tiny babies. Several were from the Mount View Asylum (now Government  House!). A few of the burials were people with families, and feature in the death notices of the day, but many were lonely inmates except for the small children.

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